A new interlaboratory proficiency test corroborates the reliability of BIOFISH 300 HIS for the quantification of histamine in fish.
Once again BIOLAN has participated in a new Intermediate Proficiency Testing Campaign for the determination of histamine and TVB-N (Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen) in fish products organized from Morocco, for the verification of the accuracy and reliability of different methods of measurement of histamine and TVB-N in fish, carried out in different analysis laboratories. This initiative has been developed since 2008, providing valuable information for the optimization and updating of analytical methods and the demonstration of the aptitude of the different laboratories.

It is an ambitious collaboration test between 51 laboratories, mainly from Morocco, among which are regional public laboratories, private accredited or in the process of accreditation according to ISO 17025 standards laboratories and self-control laboratories of the fishery production units. Methods based on HPLC, ELISA, fluorometry and biosensors have been tested.

The results obtained by BIOLAN´s BIOFISH have been very satisfactory, reiterating the robustness and precision of the method, which already obtained more than 3 years ago the maximum international certification through the AOAC. It is yet another proof of the accuracy of BIOLAN’s biosensor technology, as an alternative to more tedious and complex methods, slower and sometimes not so precise in quantification.