BIOLAN participates in the EFOOD 4.0 project which aims at the digitalization of the food value chain.
Along BIOLAN’s trajectory, we have always pursued the collaboration with the food industries themselves to develop and validate the technological solutions in order to really solve the needs of the sector, for this reason we are part of the EFOOD 4.0 project: \”Advanced sensing and digitalization of the food industry for a prescriptive management of the process, guaranteeing the quality of the final product\”.

This is an initiative that aims to achieve digital transformation in the processes of the entire food value chain in the Basque Country and to generate a model that determines the steps to be taken in digitalisation in this area.

The EFOOD 4.0 project is a 2-year cooperation project financed by the HAZITEK Strategic Programme of the Basque Government’s Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures, in its 2019 call, which in turn is supported by European Union ERDF funds. For the execution of the project, a collaboration consortium has been set up, led by Angulas Aguinaga and in which, in addition to BIOLAN, the following participate: Alpa Alimentos Frescos, Ameztoi Anaiak, Artadi Alimentación, Auzo Lagun, Eurobanan Logística Norte, Inser Robótica, Técnicas Reunidas de Panadería.

The food sector is facing the great strategic challenge of satisfying the need of the consumer who is more and more informed and demanding, and for this purpose it has to efficiently face the digital revolution.