BIOFISH 3000 YAKE is a smart biosensor for an objective determination of the degree of yake in tuna.

The measuring device is connected to the cloud through the BIOLANglobal platform, which allows to securely store, visualize and manage the analyses data. The usage of the BIOFISH 3000 is simple and intuitive and delivers the results of YAKE in less than 2 minutes in a simple, objective and economical way, using only a pipette to inject the sample into the electrochemical cell of the device.

Sampling in tuna tail without having to thaw prevents damaging the tuna and saves time.


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Measurement Matrix

  • Raw tuna
Category Quality
A Absence of YAKE (Highest quality tuna. Sashami grade)
A-B Incipient YAKE (Tuna with some physical-chemical evidence but not necessarily visual YAKE.)
B Localized YAKE (Tuna that presents YAKE only in the spine area, without affecting the whole back meat)
C Extended YAKE (Whole tuna loin affected by YAKE)

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