Important collaboration agreement signed between BIOLAN and Morocco’s AGADIR HALIOPÔLE CLUSTER, composed of the public and private sector of the country’s fisheries sector, which will strengthen quality control and food safety.
The recently signed collaboration agreement with Agadir Haliopôle Cluster (AHP) has as its main objective to support the creation of the HALIOLAB laboratory that will use BIOLAN’s BIOFISH technology to ensure adequate quality control of fish products exported from the port of Agadir to Europe and other international markets.

The AHP cluster was created with the aim of supporting the competitive development of companies operating in the Moroccan fisheries sector, and in this sense, through the signed agreement, BIOLAN becomes a strategic supplier of technology in the field of diagnostics, to help companies exporting fishery products to comply with national and international regulatory requirements in terms of food control and safety, and therefore facilitate the export of their products.

In addition , during the recent visit to Morocco of BIOLAN’s CEO, Asier Albizu, another agreement was signed with BIOLAN’s scientific collaborator in the country, Dr. Abderrazzak Rachidi, with the aim of accrediting BIOFISH technology before the SEMAC under the 17025 standard, for the measurement of histamine and sulphite. This accreditation will mean a breakthrough for BIOFISH technology to become an official method in Morocco for the determination of these parameters of special relevance for the Moroccan fishing sector.

Both collaborations recently established by BIOLAN in Morocco will consolidate the currently important presence of BIOLAN in the country, where its technology has a wide recognition, based on a large number of very satisfied customer companies with this solution.