OSASEN, the new generation of biosensors for health of BIOLAN group

Osasen Sensores is a new Basque biotechnology company dedicated to developing Point of Care (POC) devices based on biosensor technology for in vitro diagnostics on health. Founded in December 2014, it is part of the BIOLAN Group, which is an international leader in biosensor technology applied to measuring parameters for the food industry.

Osasen recently carried out a first share increase, as a result of which the IK4-Cidetec Technological Centre Foundation acquired 7% of the company. This operation is the culmination of several years of collaboration between IK4-Cidetec and BIOLAN. IK4-Cidetec also contribute their knowledge to Osasen in electrochemical and optical detection solutions based on screen-printed electrodes and lateral flow devices, for integration into measuring devices of molecules of interest for the diagnosis, prevention or monitoring of patients or therapies.

The growth potential and capabilities of Osasen have been ratified with the recent agreement with the bio-pharmaceutical company Venter Pharma to develop a Point of Care (POC) system.