Representatives of Thai Embassy in Madrid and the Board of Investment of Thailand visit BIOLAN
On July 26, BIOLAN received the visit of the representatives of the Thai Embassy in Madrid, as well as of the Paris Office of the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI),to its headquarters in Zamudio. BOI is the government agency to promote foreign investment in the country by offering useful information and support service to all companies interested in investing in Thailand.
This bilateral meeting has had a double objective according the interest of each party. Thai representatives have had the opportunity to get to know first-hand about BIOLAN, an innovative high-tech and great value added company that shows a very high potential for international expansion and already operates in 50 countries and has 4 international commercial delegations. For Thai representatives BIOLAN is a clear example of potential firm to invest in this Asian country and then, they offer their full support to facilitate it.
BIOLAN, which already has a commercial delegation in Indonesia, considers very interesting the support that Thai authorities offer for investment in their country because it would streng then not only the penetration of the company in the Thai market, where mainly BIOFISH business unit have a great opportunity, but also because it would be the best platform for the expansion to the entire Asian market.