BIOLAN, a good example of an innovative SME at ALIMENTARIA 2016
After  being selected to take part in the SME DISRUPTIVE FOOD MARKET INNOVATORS session at the programme of events for the ALIMENTARIA 2016 trade show in Barcelona on 28 April last Dr. Arrate Jauregibeitia, Head of Strategic Innovation at BIOLAN, gave a presentation on the company in which she highlighted the milestones already attained and its strategy for the future.
ALIMENTARIA, together with the European Commission and the Enterprise Europe Network, set up a meeting with a panel of firms,included BIOLAN,classed as among the most innovative in Europe which have benefited from phases 1 and 2 of the EU’s SME InstrumentProgramme, and with representatives of investment funds, the agri-food industry and the field of technology.
Also participating in the work session were representatives of EASME, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. This facilitated direct, beneficial discussions between the participants, fostering networking and above all stressing innovation as a driver for competitiveness.