Biolan successfully positions BIOFISH 300 SULPHITE and BIOMILK 300 lactose for recognition as official methods by the international AOAC.
BIOLAN’s BIOFISH 300 SULPHITE biosensor has recently been adopted as First Action Official MethodsSM by the AOAC INTERNATIONAL Panel of Experts for methods of analysis of sulphite in crustaceans, which means that international recognition as an Official Method is now closer.

This achievement joins the one already achieved in June 2020 by BIOLAN’s BIOMILK 300 LACTOSE, which also obtained the same qualification as First Action Official MethodsSM for the quantification of residual lactose in lactose-free products.

Being considered as OMA official methods by AOAC INTERNATIONAL will demonstrate that both BIOLAN biosensors guarantee accuracy and reliability comparable to current official reference methods. This recognition will bring a huge competitive value of BIOLAN products in the market, helping the expansion in the different sectors.