Relevant group of representatives of European and Indian biotechnological firms visit BIOLAN.
A large group of European and Indian firms visited BIOLAN on 15 September last to discuss closer cooperation on R&D in the field of biotechnology for the food industry and its implications for health. The visiting firms included were: Lipomic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd and LipiDx Healthcare India located in India; BioActri B.V. and Effektri B.V. from Netherland; Akobe AS., Oslo University Hospital, BioActive Foods AS and LipiDx AS from Norway; Matis Research Company and OHO Ehf  from Iceland.
This meeting was arranged to strengthen cooperation between these firms, which share the same networking strategy, and to make the most of potential synergies between them with a view to developing highly advanced products of the kind currently being demanded by the food industry and health sector worldwide.