As every year for Christmas, the sales team abroad met at BIOLAN’s headquarters in Zamudio on December 18-22 in order to promote the exchange of ideas, share the latest news and carry out training sessions with the different departments.

This year we had people from the delegations of Thailand, Indonesia, Ecuador, Chile, France and Morocco. For some of them it was the first time that they participated in this intense week of work, whose objective is none other than to align interests and establish objectives for the future.

The visit of our colleagues from abroad generates a palpable illusion in all the people of the head office, who year after year count the days to celebrate Christmas together, and make them feel at home. The result of this week continues to be very positive: learning, empathy, union and celebration.

Another key moment of the so-called Commercisl Week is the celebration of BIOLAN’s corporate event, which took stock of the year 2023 and set out the challenges that we will face in 2024. A year in which we hope to materialize many of the projects we have worked on during 2023.

In short, a week full of emotions that serves to do some reading and recharge the batteries for the new year.

We look forward to seeing you in December 2024!