Biolan launches an automatic equipment to measure the grape sanitary status. “BIOGRAPE”

Biolan, after more than 5 years in the wine industry and after attend its 150 customers necessity in this sector, was aware in develop an automatic equipment to analyze the grape sanitary status through the acid gluconic analysis.

It is for that reason that after 2 years of investigation and optimization, Biolan has launched, thinking about the European grape harvest 2014, the “BIOGRAPE” equipment, ideal device to analyse the gluconic acid in the reception point of Vineyards and Cooperatives because allows to analyse the sample in 3 minutes, without the necessity of inject or manipulate the sample, only pressing the OK device button.

The technology base is the same as the other Biolan equipments, biosensoric, that’s allow us to maintain the accuracy features, quickness, and the cost which characterize all the Biosensors developed by Biolan with the advantage of not inject the sample, the device brings all the process.

For all these reasons we are convinced that the BIOGRAPE supposes a revolution when the grape or must reception arrives at the Cooperatives and Wineries because from now it would  be controlled the trailer entry in a quick, simple, precise, MOTORIZE and economic way.

The BIOGRAPE was born