BIOLAN takes part in the reflection on the Basque Innovation Guide 2019.
Our colleague Susana Hormilla, Deputy Director of BIOLAN, has participated in the round table organized by ESTRATEGIA EMPRESARIAL in which also took part Aitor Urzelai, Director of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Information Society of the Basque Government; Rikardo Bueno, Director of the Basque Scientific-Technological Consortium/Basque Research Technology Alliance (BRTA), and Alaitz Landaluze, Director of Science, Technology and Innovation Policies of the Basque Agency of Innovation, Innobasque.

The main objective of this meeting was to carry out the SWOT analysis, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the Basque Innovation, and the reflections generated are included in the thirteenth edition of the Basque Innovation Guide, an annual publication of Business Strategy in collaboration with Innobasque.

All this culminated in an event in December 2019 at the Euskalduna Conference Centre in Bilbao to present this Innovation Guide to the different sectorial and institutional agents.

BIOLAN’s bet for the technological innovation is innate and nowadays, it begins to dedicate equally efforts in the non-technological innovation, related to the search of new business and marketing models, people and knowledge management, among others.