BIOLAN’s commitment to the promotion of scientific-technological vocation among girls through its participation in INSPIRA STEAM
BIOLAN has participated through its Technological Innovation Director, PhD. Arrate Jaureguibeitia, in the INSPIRA STEAM project promoted by the University of Deusto and the collaboration of Innobasque, which has won the National Prize of the Telefónica Foundation for Volunteering and which has been developed during the last quarter of 2018.

INSPIRA STEAM is a pioneering project in the Basque Country  for the promotion of the scientific-technological vocation among girls, based on awareness-raising and orientation actions, taught by professional women from the world of research, science and technology. This is the first time that the group mentoring method has been used to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) among primary school students.

This second edition of INSPIRA STEAM has had the collaboration of 104 women, all of them scientists and technologists who develop their professional activity in different fields, who have voluntarily acted as mentors.

INSPIRA STEAM was born out of the need to promote scientific and technological vocations among Basque students and the urgency of doing so among girls. Thus, more than 1,000 girls from 44 educational centres throughout the Basque Country have participated in work sessions in which topics such as the stereotypes that surround us, work or women and science throughout history have been dealt with. This interaction between mentor and girls is intended to help dispel doubts and objections about professions in science and technology, clarify their motivations and strengthen their self-esteem to start that career path, if they so wish.