Is a pre-calibrated, ultra-light enzymatic biosensor designed for the quantification of lactose in lactose-free and low lactose dairy products.   

The measuring device is highly intuitive and connected to the cloud through the BIOLANglobal platform, which allows to securely store, visualize and manage the analyses data. BIOMILK 7000 delivers the results of LACTOSE and GLUCOSE concentration in less than 1 minute, using only a pipette to inject the sample into the screen-printed electrode.

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Measurement Matrices

  • Lactose-free dairy products
  • Low lactose dairy products
Application Ranges LOQ Recommended matrix
Lactose-free 60-500 mg/L 60 mg/L Liquid or semi solid sample
Low lactose 500-2500 mg/L 500 mg/L Liquid and semi solid sample