Ecodesign of a biosensor applied to food safety monitoring

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The demand for simple and cost-efficient diagnostic devices is increasing, whether in the food industry, clinical or veterinary sector. BIOLAN offers 3 types of analytical solutions for the food safety sector: a portable device for field measurements (BIO 7000) using single-use consumables, a benchtop device for laboratory measurements (BIO 3000) using consumables that allow 50-200 analyses.

Within the framework of the ECOBIO5000 project funded by IHOBE, BIOLAN has developed a new generation of equipment compatible with all the parameters available in the BIOLAN portfolio and more sustainable thanks to the eco-design process, which has taken into account both its functionality and its environmental impact, resulting in a reduction of materials and components. For this BIOLAN has acted at the level of the measuring equipment through design and selection of materials.

The eco-design process has made it possible to achieve a reduction of the environmental footprint in the life cycle of the new equipment with respect to a previous model, with a reduction of 14% in manufacturing, 31% in distribution and 3% in use, and 37% at the end of life.

The resource savings for each piece of equipment manufactured translates into the following environmental improvement:

As next steps derived from this project, BIOLAN will incorporate the knowledge acquired in eco-design to its work methodology for the development of other devices and analysis elements that the company develops and produces. Likewise, it will maintain a line within its technological surveillance with the aim of finding new materials that will reduce the environmental footprint of all its products.