NEW BIOFISH 700 HISTAMINE from BIOLAN, a portable solution for very fast and accurate analysis at any point of fish processing
BIOLAN presents at SeaFood 2018 in Brussels, a portable solution for the quantification of histamine in fish, which allows a very fast, easy and accurate analysis. It is a portable biosensor, BIOFISH 700 HIS, based on disposable biotests to measure the concentration of histamine in fish.

The new biosensor BIOFISH 700 HIS will offer to fish industry the possibility of measuring histamine in tuna, raw or cooked, at any point in fishery and fish processing, being possible the measurement even on the boat or in the fish sales room. The launch into the market of the new equipment completes BIOLAN’s product portfolio for fish industry, specifically the BIOFISH 300 HIS, already present in more than 25 countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Histamine is a very effective marker for ensuring food safety and quality in fish. If it is detected at levels above those established by legislation (between 100 and 200 ppm according to the European Community, EC No 2073/2005), it indicates the poor quality of the raw material used or inappropriate processing and/or handling conditions, which poses a risk to the consumer.