The biomedical company DNA Data joins the BIOLAN Group allowing an ambitious expansion of the portfolio of products and services within the business group.
This operation between both companies strengthens its technological offer and its positioning in the health and food market.

The first action derived will be the opening, next July 19th, of a COVID-19 analysis service in Zamudio, in the Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia.

This week has been signed the entry of the Zamudio biotech company BIOLAN Microbiosensores in the capital of the biomedical company DNA Data located in the Miramón Technology Park, representing another example of consolidation of the BIOLAN Group, both in the food and health fields.

DNA Data is a biomedical company specialised in genetic and biological studies for the diagnosis of diseases of genetic origin. Its field of action is oriented towards any medical discipline, applying research, development and application of new technologies in the field of biomedicine. This clinical orientation allows DNA Data to carry out genetic studies always oriented to the diagnosis and prevention of pathologies, with a high specialisation that allows it to have among its network of clients large hospitals of the public network at national level.

BIOLAN is a world leader in biosensorics applied to the food sector, which has also led it to extend its technology to the world of health, through its BIOLAN Health division. BIOLAN develops, manufactures and markets its own products, the result of its innate commitment to R&D and continuous innovation, which has allowed it to place its innovative offer in more than 60 countries, and therefore, a significant sustained business growth in recent years.

The investment operation between these Basque companies responds to the common strategy of establishing synergies, so that they can share knowledge, experience, capabilities and markets. The molecular technologies in which DNA Data has extensive experience will reinforce those already mastered by BIOLAN, such as electrochemistry, biotechnology, lateral flow, electronics, connectivity and Big Data.

As a result, the technological offer of innovative products and services will be clearly reinforced and will open new doors for both companies. The first example of collaboration, and in response to the current pandemic context, has materialised with the opening of an extraction point for analytical services. elated to the diagnosis of COVID-19 in Building 101 of the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park in Zamudio. It will offer a wide range of analytical tests to detect both an infection caused by SARS-CoV2 and a possible immunity obtained naturally or generated by vaccination. From PCR or ELISA tests to rapid antigen and antibody tests, depending on your needs and always in a safe and fast way.

This service is added to the one that DNA Data has already implemented in the Technological Park of Gipuzkoa (Miramón), which helps to manage the pandemic and provides companies and society in general, access to key information to prevent the spread of the virus, as well as the needs or requirements generated by the pandemic to travel or carry out occasional transfers.

In addition, this service, which will be offered in both technological parks (Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa), will make it possible to obtain the COVID-19 passport, which since 1 July has enabled citizens to move freely around Europe.