PREMIO EMPRESA Y SOCIEDAD – José Ignacio Arrieta 2021 granted to BIOLAN by Estrategia Empresarial in collaboration with BBK and Petronor.
Yesterday, June 30, BIOLAN received the EMPRESA Y SOCIEDAD – José Ignacio Arrieta award in its 2021 edition, an award that recognizes the systematic implementation of corporate social responsibility actions and the integration of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in the corporate strategy.

This award is granted by Estrategia Empresarial in collaboration with the BBK and Petronor in tribute to José Ignacio Arrieta, who was the founder of Estrategia Empresarial, and admirable example of social responsibility, and who contributed so much to the Basque Country in social and economic matters.

This award is an important recognition of our way of \”doing business\” and encourages us even more to continue on the path of naturally implementing actions within the framework of the SDGs and integrating them into our corporate strategy. These actions include collaboration with universities and training centers to integrate promising young people into the world of work, social integration, equal opportunities between genders, solidarity in emerging countries and the continuous improvement of our products and processes, with a focus on sustainability and respect for the environment.