The new BIOFISH700 for quantify sulphite in crustaceans, the SO2SAFE project’s successful result
Through the following video BIOLAN wants to share the successful results obtained thanks the SO2SAFE, the SME Instrument project that has allowed to launch into the crustacean market the innovative biosensor BIOFISH 700 to measure sulfite.

Thanks SO2SAFE project a portable and ready-to-use enzymatic sulfite (SO2) biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring has been developed by BIOLAN Microbiosensores. Biosensor allows to measure the sulfite concentration in the water tanks where the shrimps are treated in aquaculture. This device makes easier and cheaper the monitoring in order to meet food safety standards, and to ensure the highest quality of food during the production chain.

Consequently, a drastic reduction in cases of allergy due to high sulfite concentrations in food will be achieved and the guarantees of safe and healthy food to the consumers will be increased, improving the health of the population.