Albacora trust on BIOLAN’S BIOFISH 700 to monitor histamine in real time on the vessel itself.
The Albacora group, which has always stood out for the high quality of its raw material, and with the aim of continuing to guarantee the highest standards, has placed its trust in BIOLAN and acquiring the new BIOFISH700 equipment, which analyses and quantifies the histamine level in tuna quickly, easily and precisely in less than a minute.

The Albacora group was founded in 1974 by 4 families from Bermeo and currently has fleets in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. It focuses its main activity on the capture of tropical tuna, applying the best practices to guarantee the highest quality. Albacora, in addition to always ensuring responsible and sustainable action, is at the forefront of changes in the European tuna fishing industry, and has pioneered many of the technological and regulatory improvements.

This desire for technological modernisation is behind the acquisition of the BIOFISH700 biosensor, a portable device that allows the histamine concentration to be quantified very simply and quickly on the vessel itself and at the moment, thus guaranteeing the freshness and quality of the product at the time of unloading. Among the main advantages that BIOFISH 700 will bring to the shipowners are:

– The assurance of the quality of the product during the time the tuna is in the ship.
– The guarantee of freshness of those pieces that due to circumstances have died before carrying out the capture.
– The possibility of analyzing the product at sea and make a selection of it before arriving at port.

The collaboration between BIOLAN and the Albacora Group has only started with the incorporation of one of BIOLAN’s biosensors in its extraction process, but it is expected to be long-lasting and solid, based on the implementation of different technological solutions that meet Albacora’s needs, always reinforcing its sustainability and competitiveness.