BIOLAN’s commitment to connectivity and digitalization is facilitating the management of its activity against COVID-19 and strengthens it before the food sector for future actions.
In spite of the worldwide evolution of COVID 19, BIOLAN has continued and continues to guarantee the quality and food safety in the different markets, supplying our products, in a responsible and coherent way.

The resources invested by BIOLAN in the last year have had a fundamental role in this, mainly in the digital transformation, providing connectivity both to our products and to the different areas that compose BIOLAN. This is allowing us to face efficiently the management of our activity in front of this world crisis caused by the COVID-19, giving support to our customers, suppliers, always preserving the security of the group that integrates BIOLAN.

The consolidation of the connectivity in our products and consequently, in our relationship with the customer and the market, will facilitate the adaptation to the new world order of interrelations that is being born as a result of the present pandemic.