BIO 3000, our new generation of biosensors is on the market

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Today we are launching the new BIO 3000 biosensor that combines digitisation with BIOLAN’s robust and certified analytical technology. This new product is a significant contribution to the digital transformation of the food industry, facilitating intelligent and comprehensive analytical monitoring

The new model of digitised analysis device BIO 3000 combines all the functionalities and advantages of BIOLAN’s biosensor equipment already present in more than 55 countries on five continents, with the digital technology it offers, such as connectivity, cloud storage and intelligent data management.

Today, no sector of the economy has escaped the avoidable process of digital transformation. The food industry is no stranger to major changes and is trying to adapt in order to maintain its competitiveness and level of quality, both locally and internationally. Being able to respond to the current production and logistical challenges, without forgetting the commitment to quality and food safety, requires fast, precise, simple and intelligent tools.

It is in this digital context and in its path of continuous innovation, in which BIOLAN began 3 years ago to incorporate digital technology to its developments based on biosensor technology applied to analysis devices, recognised and certified by AOAC International, a benchmark in analytical excellence worldwide. BIOLAN took the firm decision to become a key player in the digitisation of quality control in the global food industry: first by transforming itself and now by launching the BIO 3000 model, a new generation of biosensors with connectivity and developed with the aim of offering comprehensive monitoring of the analytical process, from advanced visualisation of results and storage in the cloud to product traceability throughout the value chain, in sectors such as fisheries, crustaceans, dairy, oenology and others.

The innovation of the new BIO 3000 equipment is mainly focused on several areas: a), the renewed design provides ergonomics and a significant weight reduction; b) optimised user experience through an intuitive and easy-to-use App; and, c) access to the BIOLANglobal platform, its own website, accessible from any connected device, from which the user can, among others: view and download results, control the management process, perform a global monitoring of the analysis in all its plants and configure alerts.

BIOLAN accompanies the food industry in its digitisation process to move towards smarter and more connected methods that enable faster, more accurate and objective decision-making, resulting in increased competitiveness, quality and profitability. BIOLAN also has the capacity to work on ad-hoc projects, adapting to the needs and requirements of its clients, which gives it the profile of a committed company capable of offering a comprehensive and personalised service in the field of food control monitoring.

BIOLAN has always been committed to its own development and this time has been no exception, strengthening a multidisciplinary team of professionals with the attraction of talent in the area of digital knowledge, data, machine learning, App, … so that today it already has a team of more than 70 people.