BIOFISH 3000 SUL becomes Official Method by the AOAC

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AOAC International has listed the BIOFISH 3000 SUL method for the quantification of sulphite in crustaceans as Official Method 2021.09 under the stringent Official Methods of AnalysisSM (OMA) program.

After an exhaustive validation process that has lasted months, the satisfactory results have demonstrated the robustness of BIOLAN’s method, a biotechnology company that with 15 years of presence in the market achieves for the second time the highest recognition of the prestigious association of chemists and microbiologists, of great importance as it brings together governments, industry and academia to establish standardized methods of analysis to ensure the safety and integrity of food and other products that affect public health worldwide.

The expected news may lead the BIOFISH 3000 SUL method to become the worldwide reference method for the control of residual sulphite by the industry, and displace complex, costly and harmful methodologies due to the use of hazardous compounds. This achievement joins the one reached in October last year by BIOMILK 3000 LAC, an application recognized as an official method by AOAC International for the quantification of lactose in lactose-free and low-lactose products.

BIOFISH 3000 SUL is capable of quantifying sulphite in crustaceans, both raw and cooked, in two applications covering different quantification ranges: Industry and Regulatory. BIOLAN’s biosensors allow reliable, simple and cost-effective sulphite quantification, enabling the crustacean industry to perform its own controls immediately. The methodology is further enhanced by working with the BIO 3000 generation of biosensors with IoT capabilities, equipped with connectivity and with an interface designed to make the analytical act a friendly and intuitive process.

The consideration of two of BIOLAN’s products as official methods by AOAC International demonstrates that the biosensor signature technology is able to guarantee accuracy and reliability comparable to current official reference methods, providing the food industry as a whole with innovative and competitive analytical tools.