BIOLAN trusts Emen4sport to care for and enhance the well-being and health of its work team

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BIOLAN uses the Emen Method to improve and promote a healthy state of its employees.

Emen4sport, the Basque company leader in high performance and whose working method is based on the application of science to health and sport in an interdisciplinary way, has been chosen by BIOLAN to enhance the productivity of its workers, reduce absenteeism and improve healthy working environments.

Emen4sport professionals conducted an initial assessment of each employee who requested it. This consists of a personal interview on health and lifestyle habits and a series of tests that give an idea of the physical condition of the person. Based on the findings observed and taking into account the objectives set by each of the participants, an individualized report was drawn up and sent to both the employee and the team of physiotherapists at Emen4sport. This team will use this information to apply individual and specific physiotherapy sessions for the person assessed.

In addition, Emen4sport will generate a battery of tips related to nutrition, physical activity, postural health and mental health, among others, that will provide the BIOLAN team with strategies to optimize their health and consequently their work performance.

BIOLAN is thus committed to implementing healthy and innovative practices that improve the well-being of its team, giving them the opportunity to improve their health and their physical and mental state by the hand of a company specialized in achieving the best version of each person.

Andoni Igartura, CEO of Emen4sport, assures that “the Emen method is able to adapt to the needs of each organization with a range of services that cover all physical and mental aspects that promote performance improvement”. Among its objectives, he highlights the importance for companies of having the collaboration of “a benchmark in the sector in order to increase productivity by improving personal health while reducing absenteeism and improving the working environment”.

Asier Albizu, CEO of BIOLAN, assures that implementing this type of actions in the organization has meant a commitment to the well-being and health of the staff with the consequent increase in productivity and satisfaction of its workers.