It is a specific and connected enzymatic biosensor for the quantification of gluconic acid and malic acid in wine and must.

It is a simple to use and connected measuring equipment, which allows to manage the data generated in the analysis and to measure in less than 2 minutes in a simple, precise and economic way, the concentration of GLUCONIC ACID and MALIC ACID in wine and must using only a pipette to inject the sample into the electrochemical cell of the equipment.

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Recommended Matrix Application Ranges LOQ
Must and wine Gluconic acid 0-300 mg/L 40 mg/L
0-1,1 g/L 0,1 g/L
0-1,8 g/L 0,2 g/L
Malic acid 0-1 g/L 0-1 g/L
1-4 g/L 1 g/L