Innobasque ratifies the profile of BIOLAN’s innovation leader.
The Basque Agency for Innovation, Innobasque, has made a diagnosis of the current situation of BIOLAN in terms of innovation, which positioning it among the companies with a Profile of Leader in Innovation.

BIOLAN has obtained this qualification because it accredits to have a systematic planning on its innovative activity, it is a reference in its sector, it allocates resources and capacities to innovate and it collaborates with other agents to implement innovations in its products, processes, organization style strategers to reach new market.

Technological innovation is a fundamental pillar in BIOLAN’s strategy as it is the source of the added value of its products and its competitiveness.The whole team that composes BIOLAN is involved in innovation, for example, with initiatives such as the BIOLAN Innovation Awards, a contest to raise different and interesting ideas as well as innovative initiatives, which in 2020 has its second edition. Moreover, in BIOLAN new innovation strategres related to marketing, business model, human resources management, etc. are being addressed.

For its part Innobasque, with this initiative of analyzing business innovation, wants to contribute to the promotion of innovation in all organizations in the country, particularly in small and medium enterprise know the needs and current innovative activities of organizations, as a first step to act and support them on the path of innovation.