INNPAPER, European project to generate paper-based electronic disruptive and versatile solutions in which BIOLAN participates
INNPAPER is a pioneering project in the printed electronics field, that is designing a configurable and recyclable electronic platform based on paper. The project aims to foster the industrial application of paper-based electronics, contributing to reduce the e-waste. To prove the versatility of this technology, INNPAPER will develop three use-cases, oriented towards the food, security and medical sectors.

BIOLAN is working since 2018 in this project that is the result of the close collaboration between 3 Research Centres, 2 Universities, 3 Enterprises and 7 SMEs,. Each one of them is specialised in different aspects: the development the necessary technology for the INNPAPER platform; the manufacturing of the tailored paper; the analysis of the environmental impact of INNPAPER; the transfer of the INNPAPER technology to industries interested in exploiting it; and the communication of the project to society.

In the last decades, the increasing consumption of electronic devices generates an increasing volume of electronic waste each year. Since plastics and metals are the key materials of these devices, this is becoming a growing environmental and social problem. Paper is rising as a good alternative to traditional materials for electronics: it is cheap, flexible, renewable and recyclable. This grants paper a strong potential to reduce the negative impact of e-waste. INNPAPER will develop inks and functional paper with special properties, to print batteries, antennas and other electronical items. INNPAPER aims to use paper not only as substrate but also as active component in electronic devices. Go to Innpaper´s website.