BIOLAN continues to bet on the creation of employment through the dual FP program .
BIOLAN incorporates two new members to its team after finishing its dual training.

During the year 2019-2020 the company has had in its team two students of the Dual Vocational Training Programme from Higher Level Training Cycles, in Processes and Quality in Food Industries of Lea Artibai Ikastetxea.

For a year they have been involved in the production area of the company with the aim of completing their internships, with commitment and enthusiasm. The result has been satisfactory for both parts, allowing BIOLAN to have professional profiles that are candidates to be integrated in a definitive way in the staff.

The dual training allows them to combine the learning process in the company with the one in the classroom, through the co-participation of training centres and companies. This type of training aims to facilitate the incorporation of young people into the labour market.

The aim of this type of training is aligned with BIOLAN’s objectives, thus allowing the generation of employment and opportunities for young people, and reinforcing their commitment to society.