BIOLAN designing the improvements over Supply Chain of the Future at World Seafood Congress 2019 held in Malaysia.
Thanks to FAO, WorldFish and ISSA (International Seafood Sustainability Association) the World Seafood Congress 2019, WSC 2019 was held in Penang (Malaysia) from 9 to 11 September, bringing together leaders of the global seafood industry from more than 75 countries and the latest in in seafood supply chain innovation and technologies under one roof such as the BIOFISH product line of BIOLAN.

With the slogan \”Seafood Supply Chains of the Future\” the WSC 2019 has been a meeting point for researchers and universities, certification bodies, food safety regulators, government policy makers, etc., who have brought to debate the current concerns, the latest trends in the sector, as well as technological advances and the future of applications in both aquaculture and seafood industry towards the challenge of sustainability of the sector as a global objective and the application of Food Safety and Traceability tools as a means to achieve it.

Among the most important topics on the agenda, participants have debated about what industry 4.0 means for this sector, and the need to train future world leaders in this field, who seek a balance between business profitability and the sustainability of resources. Food security and fraud in the supply chains, tools that provide traceability on quality levels and the control, and identification of species have been the main concerns on the table.

In response to the invitation from FAO, Megapesa, World Fish and ISSA Antonio Bustamante, delegate of BIOLAN South East Asia, gave the conference \”Parameters of interest for the food industry\”, providing unique and disruptive BIOLAN solutions based on biosensors, for monitoring parameters related to quality and food safety. BIOLAN also presented the latest solutions based on connectivity and industry 4.0 that will allow digital processing of information providing improvements and ensuring traceability and monitoring throughout the value chain of food products.

Workshops and round tables took place within the framework of WSC 2019 to review the strategic lines for the future in the seafood industry. Workshops where experts collaborated with the common idea of protecting and ensuring a sector free of fraud and abuse with a framework defined in terms of security and optimized with the latest technological advances, artificial intelligence, BIG Data Collecting and analyzing, Biotechnology and connectivity where BIOLAN, through its CEO, Asier Albizu, participated actively providing practical and direct solutions, thanks to its long experience and knowledge in technological trends applied to the sector.

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