BIOMILK 300 LAC approves successfully a proficiency test and continues to extend the scope of the method with new measurement matrices.
BIOLAN has successfully passed, with BIOMILK 300 LAC, an Aptitude Test for the determination of lactose in dairy samples with low or reduced lactose level. Last June it participated together with more than 38 laboratories, public, private and dairy companies.

Lactose quantification techniques, at such low levels, are currently being evaluated by the AOAC to find a global consensus throughout the scientific community, as there is currently no reference method.

The participants of this interlaboratory trial have worked with analytical techniques as different as spectrophotometric enzymatic assays, based on both glucose and galactose degradation, as well as different chromatographic and biosensor techniques.

On the other hand, BIOLAN continues to advance in the optimization of its BIOMILK method for the quantification of lactose in a wide range of dairy products, having extended the range of matrices of application. An exhaustive validation has been carried out on all types of yoghurts (normal, sweetened, flavoured, with high fat content or high protein content), milkshakes, creams, coffee-based drinks, infant formulas and spreadable cheeses.

It should be noted that in 2018 BIOMILK was validated by the EUROFINS FOOD TESTING NETHERLANDS B.V. laboratory for milk samples with low or reduced lactose levels.

All these advances widen the possibilities of expansion of the BIOMILK in the dairy sector, which is already successfully presented in more than 25 countries, as it is considered a competitive solution by the dairy industry, due to its accuracy, speed of analysis, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.